Working papers
The research project RESPOND publishes working papers in order to facilitate the exchange of results with actors in the field of refugee health. These publications synthesise results from the research project, as well as from related academic publications, around specific themes of interest. The goal of these publications is to further discuss and develop emerging academic results with stakeholders from academia, politics and practice.

Biddle L, Wahedi K, Jahn R, Straßner C, Kratochwill S, Bozorgmehr K. Arbeitspapier #1: Wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse zu Strukturen der medizinischen Versorgung in den Erstaufnahmeeinrichtungen für Geflüchtete. Heidelberg. 2019. [available in German only] download here

Biddle L, Hintermeier M, Baron J, Flory L, Bozorgmehr K. Working Paper #2: Gesundheitszustand und Inanspruchnahme von gesundheitlichen Versorgungsangeboten bei Geflüchteten in Psychosozialen Zentren. Heidelberg. 2019. [available in German only] download hier

Methods and Instruments
The methods and instruments which have been developed as part of RESPOND are available for academic purposes. If you are interested in an instrument or a questionnaire, please complete the following user agreement an send it to

User agreement

Overview of available instruments